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About Helena

Author of speculative fiction

I am a human of Earth, an organic – in love with the machine and the idea that the future starts now. I’m fascinated with the near future and our quest to become multi-planetary and then inter-planetary. My only regret is, I probably won’t live to see it, but in my way I can live it as long as I can read and devour audio books.

If I were a tree, this is how I’d describe myself…

I’m British in origin. Born in Dorset and grew to adult hood in Hampshire. I’ve also lived on the Wirral for several years before picking up my roots and moving with my family to Ontario, Canada in 2006. A little town called Dundas. The earth that keeps me rooted and nourished is my five grown children and my husband. Where they go, I go. They are home.

Trunk of Experience

Until I reached the ripe old age of 13 years, I wanted to be a nun, but when I realised that it wasn’t for me – obviously, I had to be a COBOL programmer. After Technical college and Polytechnic (now a university) in Portsmouth, I worked as a COBOL programmer in local government at Borough and District levels. I studied and took my degree between my third and fifth child. We moved mid-study to Canada where I also completed my graduate certificate in management at distance with the Open University of the United Kingdom.

Growth (as a writer)

Being a writer found me when I least expected it.

I was stuck in a rut and thinking through what I wanted. There was no obvious answer. Wanting to avoid the issue, in my spare time I imagined whole escapades of adventures with ordinary women. There’s just so few heroines out there. No that’s not true – they’re just everything I’m not. Heroines are tall or Amazonian, they’re blond supermodels, or martial arts tough women. But in the film running through my head, women of any size or shape or age are heroines. They are real, they care, they protect their families everyday of their lives. They are kickarse!

Needless to say, if it hadn’t been for my local friend, I’d never have tried writing. Even then, I wrote to get the story out of my head. I had fallen in love with it to the point I was concerned with my mental health. Exorcising it was the best thing that ever happened to me! Fascinated by the quirkiness of life my story branches twisted and turned, but although blessed with plenty of ideas, I had little expertise with story.

I modularised my story like a program.

2012 was the year I spent writing as much of it as I could at my three younger kids soccer games for twenty minutes twice a week. All three had their games slightly staggered but in three different locations, sometimes other towns. This was the summer my husband worked in Australia and my parents visited for nine weeks.

The story was a part of me, deep within and I was determined to finish it. I had been bitten by the story bug. This copy was never completed. It reached 350 thousand words and the story was no where near told. Here I became queen of the do-over. So began my greatest lessons.

I worked on establishing my place in a forest of words. I sought out other wordsmiths for friendship and took my first steps toward improving. I badly needed nourishment.


Maker, Manager, Marketer.

I invested in my becoming an author with my time reading all I could, and what I call ‘on the job’ training. The latter, is a combination of doing and taking courses from more established fiction authors.  If I was going to do courses, I needed to do them as I could afford them. Along the way, I excepted I needed to wear many hats, from reader, to author, marketer, administrator and business manager. I grew stronger and more confident.


In December 2016, I produced my first fruit. GOOD FORTUNE, the first book in my quartet, Age of Unity. This first edition has since been removed from sale as I work on the second edition, renamed to POWER WITHIN appearing for purchase in 2021, closely followed by book baby. Five years is a long time. But in this time I established my business and established funding. I have also developed a range of short stories to accompany the main books and a series of stand alone novels that complete reader immersion into the series.

Watch this space, there will be much fruit in the future!